Shape Himalaya Foundation has established dispensaries for animals along with shelter facilities for unclaimed bulls, cows and calves with a strategy of gene improvement and further incorporating self-sustaining micro dairy units comprising of biogas, vermicomposting units as well as micro dairy processing plants for economic development of backward areas. It is proposed to have our own ambulance and further have a facility for sterilisation and post surgery care of dogs. We wish to open applications to provide scholarships for short courses in developed countries on animal welfare.

Promotion of the values on non-violence through preservation and protection of manuscripts, teaching of the culture of the Jains and Buddhist folk art, literature, culture, performance space for artists and research/ symposiums for advancement of traditions, philosophy. We would like to establish digital museum for propagation of the Himalayan culture in backward areas.

We are developing a program to sensitise industrial areas and industries associations on waste minimisation. We invite entries on success stories and applications to prepare sector specific manuals as well as innovation and implementation for clean technology, pollution prevention, drinking water supply, hazardous and solid waste management as well as to integrate wasteland development with watershed management.

To address socio-economic upliftment and overall development of backward communities we provide vocational education and fill gaps in social security, agro-horticulture, drinking water and health. We open applications for research proposals as well as to set up training centres for renewable energy education, silage making, fodder preserving, vegetable waste composting and in food processing sector/ food testing, strengthening agricultural market infrastructure alongside sponsor national and international level workshops to create awareness. We will set up handloom development centres, dying units.

We open applications for research proposals for innovative action oriented workshops for the benefit of child and women labour in social situational analysis likely to be helpful to create self help groups in backward areas as well as in planning of projects such as providing legal aid and building residential facilities to provide training to single working women and students by promoting adoption of new technologies. The program includes establishing crèche for children of working mothers, equality through education and training; Case studies of successful R&D and business women; Awareness and training in information and computer technologies.

We work on universalisation of elementary education and to improve socio-economic condition of backward communities with a focus on girl child and forming youth clubs for entrepreneurship development, character building against social evils, preservation of cultural heritage. To teach life coping skills in stressful modern lives. To facilitate educational excursions to renewable energy projects. To strengthen sports infrastructure, science education, culture and values education, environmental education, yoga & hindi with vocationalisation of secondary education in rural schools along with integration of education for disabled children.

We are developing a program to provide health education to create awareness to older persons, children and women for medical care and rural sanitation along with a special focus on early detection of HIV and Cancer in backward areas as well as focusing on persons with disability for reconciliation.